Saturday, March 28, 2009

We´ve Arrived


we are here safe and sound.

this morning at 345 we left ...close to on time ...from RCcpc. Most of us slept on the busride to Dulles...for whatever reason, the front of the bus was superwarm and back of the bus was freezing. i´ll let you guess where i ended up sitting. brrrr....

the flight was a bit tricky, our flight out of Dulles was delayed for reasons yet to be known and we almost missed our connecting flight in San Salvador. we made it just in the nick of time..

lillian solt, our missionary friend, picked us up with a small red bus and now we are in a little city called Los Lagos (which, translated directly, means ¨kaka¨lakes)....lovely. Lillian gave us an overview of our week, which is JAM packed.

Tonight we had a big meal at a place called ¨house of the pig¨and ate lots of pork. my guess is that this is last time we eat without tasting cilantro for a few days.

My guess is that we will all sleep well tonight. We will worship tomorrow and our Red Clay friends and family will be in our hearts and minds. We hope that we are in yours.

i will try to post as often as i can. we have limited access to internet...but we do hope that you will check in!

I serenaded the bus with the theme songs from Lion King and Mulan on the way home.

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