Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday part 2

After worship and a good lunch we went to a place called Los Guidos. This is where our missionary friends bob and ann jefferys serve. We met them there, it was wonderful to reunite. The pastor at Los Guidos, dorotea, spoke to us about the needs of the congregation. They serve a place where extreme poverty is the norm. Many parishioners live in shanty houses. She hopes to use her church as a preschool but it needs a great deal of work to pass inspection. She said "God says to knock, look, and seek. And that's what I believe.". She is moving forward by selling handmade cards. Today they were also selling empenadas for 500 colognes (about 1 dollar) on the street corner. I'm really struck by how the people move forward in faith. NoBody seems worried about how tomorrow won't work out, instead they seem to ask, "what work can we do today?"

We finished the day with a ride through another shanty town. The poverty is appalling. We always comment about how lucky we are. Today our group came face to face with how lucky we are.

Peace in every step.... N

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